DIGITAL MERIDIAN IMAGING - Ancient Wisdom meets cutting-edge technology

Although I have been trained in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, I have incorporated Digital Meridian Imaging as part of an integrated approach to healthcare. The Imaging system is a computerized tool used to analyze and document the energetic status of the acupuncture meridians. The method is based on the electrical skin resistance of points on the acupuncture meridians. By measuring electrical activity, it’s possible to plot a useful graph of the relative balance of the 12 meridians. The software then reads and converts this electrical activity into graphs which are easy to read and pin point problem areas. 

The Digital Meridian Imaging System is used in a short examination by touching a probe to acupuncture points around the coronary band. It measures and analyzes the energy balance of each meridian. Armed with this information, I can make a better-informed decision about your horses' condition and provide the best treatment possible. It provides a fast and efficient exam, intelligent analysis and allows me to easily track treatment progress.

I am really excited to incorporate this into my treatments already on offer as I know it will take the sessions to a deeper and more profound level.


The therapies I practice such as Acupuncture, Energy Anatomy, Body Alignment, Reiki and Meridian Therapy are natural, non-invasive methods of balancing and self-improvement that anyone can use. 

In fact, they have been so effective that I have adapted them to suit the needs of our Equine friends.

The treatments address the horse as a whole but more importantly are able to isolate a specific problem. 

These therapies work in conjunction with all other medical and therapeutic techniques to improve health and enhance quality of life.

“Equine Natural Healing Touch” ( E. & A. N. H.T. ) complements my knowledge of Acupuncture. All sessions are performed with accuracy, integrity and intent and have the effect of releasing hypertonic and traumatized muscles, reducing pain, muscle atrophy, detoxing the body, clearing blocked lymphatic’s, deep relaxation and many more. Treatment consists of a series of moves performed to help the animal recognize and process these effect. The Animals will attain and maintain ideal states of homeostasis in which its own innate healing power is able to function to the best of its ability. 


Why do you wish to know me? 

Is it because I have at my fingertips the secret to your soul?
Is it because I can search the inner recesses of your heart and expose the contradictions that lie within?
Is it because I have at my command the forces of the universe which can sweep away the lies and distortions 

of the reality embedded in your subconscious mind?

Is it because I have at my disposal the tools to help you access your higher self and align your purpose to that 

of your soul contract?
I bring you the wisdom of the universe and the understanding of your own journey.
I light the way for you on your destined path.
And with ease and grace, in the twinkling of an eye, I release you from your chains.


                                                                                               Author unknown 


The Magnificence of who you are, who you truly are, is far greater than any fantasy you can impose on yourself.

Your greatest power is to be your authentic self and align yourself with your highest values.

If you set goals that don’t match your highest values you create an internal conflict that erodes your confidence.

Honour the values you have and set goals to match them.

Rise up in the realization of who you are and give yourself permission to live accordingly.