The first consultation is 1 hour 30 mins long and consists of the following:

Traditional Chinese Screening

Digital Meridian Imaging and Evaluation


Cupping Therapy ( when applicable )


Thereafter each session is either I hr or 1 hr 30 mins long and consists of the following:

Follow-up Digital Meridian Imaging and Evaluation ( at my discretion )

Follow-up Treatment

Cupping Therapy ( when applicable )

Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up sessions are either 1 hr or 1 hr 30 mins long depending on your specific requirements. If your session runs over the allocated time booked an additional fee will be charged for the extra time.

If you would like a treatment with a longer 'cupping session' or ‘spine & muscle mobilisation treatment', please arrange beforehand. 
An additional fee will be charged for these sessions (price on request).

Treatment for Children

Laser Acupuncture is very effective to move qi and blood in the body and by using my Professional Lasers instead of acupuncture needles, you can avoid your fear of needles while still obtaining excellent results. Depending on the condition, this laser set combination allows me to either Tonify or Sedate the various acupuncture points.This method of balancing is ideal for children and animals alike.


Because some of these treatments are contra-indicated (should not be done) under certain medical conditions, it is imperative that you state all your medical conditions and answer all questions honestly. Furthermore, you must  keep your practitioner updated to any changes in your medical profile. 

The treatments should not be construed as a substitute for a medical examination, diagnosis and / or treatment and you should see a physician or other qualified medical specialist for any physical ailment that you are aware of.

Cancelation policy 

Appointments must please be cancelled 24 hours in advance otherwise you will be held responsible for the cost of the consultation. 

Payment policy

Please note that the treatments are NOT covered by Medical Aids.

The first session is payable in cash directly after your consultation.

Thereafter, payment for follow-up treatments are due on the last working day of the same month or by card machine or EFT.

An administration fee will be charged on all outstanding accounts. 

All legal and recovery debt costs, including all attorney and client costs involved will be for the account of the person responsible for the account.

Please remember to download the Client Intake Form, complete it and bring it with you to your first consultation.

                                                 Call me for an appointment and remember to wear comfortable loose clothing.